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The Visit

Thriller | 14m 51S | 2024

This story is about Kasey and her boyfriend Emmanuel. They live a good life, full of love and hoping to soon build a family. On a normal night they get a visit in the middle of the night from an old friend Nelson, but nelson doesn’t seem like himself. Normally he is dressed nice, happy and full of life but now he is messy, creepy and pale. Kasey can see something is wrong but Emmanuel invites him in for a drink and a catch up. As they talk to their old friend, they can tell he is in to some scary demonic things.


David Ajayi, Chanté Frazer, Kieran Wesley


Is It Done?

Thriller | 14m 58S | 2024

This story follows the struggles of Jamie on a really bad day. Jamie is down on his luck, spending all his money in the betting shop, which he was supposed to use to help pay for his and his girlfriend’s flat. He decides to meet up with some old friends who are known for making fast money. He has no intentions of doing anything crazy and he tells his friends that, they offer him a job as a driver, a simple pick up and drop off but things don’t go to plan and leads Jamie down a crazy road, leaving him with an extremely tough choice.


Robbie Swan, Jed Cox, Antonio Victorio, KJ Phillip, Sarah Angelina

Community Phone

Comedy | 9m 59S | 2023

Who's got your vote, Maya vs The Man ?? 


Abayomi Oniyide, Ciaran Forde, Eden Tambala


Community Phone

Drama | 8m 4S | 2023

When Shelby loses her phone in her local park, it takes a village to get it back to it's rightful owner. 


Shelby Bootle, Abayomi Oniyide, Sirach McLeish

Safe Travels  - SF.webp

Safe Travel

Drama | 13m 54S | 2023

Follow Kai on his journey to meet his grandad, and all the strange encounters he faces along the way.


Kai Francis-Lewis, Michael R Hill, Eddie Breckenridge


So Would I

Drama | 5m 45S | 2022

A short film about a couple fighting thier inner demons not knowing both of them are hurting but just in different ways.


Lauren Pepler, Brandon Nembhard

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Wings and Kaza

Drama | 5m | 2022

Is it true love or just delusion? James is head over heels but is he man enough to ask her out?


Daniel Oyebanjo, Caleb Kitoko Botoka , Yoojin Lee


Thicker than Water

Drama | 12m | 2022

Thicker than Water is an intense thriller, a detective and serial killer are in a battle of wits the outcome unknown, who will come out on top?


Tanya Lindsay , Francis Ndhlovu



Thriller | 24m | 2021

A short film about the horrors of social media and if those horrors came to life.


DeLove Akra , Sophia Roberts , Niran Flora, Krupa Narci Givane , Kezia Thomas 


So What Now?

Drama | 40m 32s | 2021

A hood comedy about a man who pretends to be something he is not which leads him down a trail of ups and downs. When will his lies catch up with him?


Jonell Melius, Nadeyne Regina Lewis, Abayomi Oniyide, Eden Nova , Kezia Thomas, Diermic Samson Massingi, Ejay Harewood, Sirach McLeish

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